hey yall I'M SO SO SO SO SOOOO SORRY I HAVENT POSTED IN 1673342728274 YEARS, I HAVE SCHOOL AND I'M WORKING ON 8 ANIMATIONS AT THE SAME TIME, FORGIVE MEEEEE anyways, thank you SO much to Spotchoint for making this collab with me. You better subscribe to her or I'll break every bone in your body. Anyways, roll the credits! AUDIO USED: CHARACTERS USED: -Great Lord Matageon (helu) -sPoTKoiNt ( APPS I USED: -Flipaclip -Magovideo APPS SPOTCHOINT USED: -Gacha Life -Kinemaster TIME I USED: like, 3 days, idk lol ¯_(°o)/¯ TIME SPOTCHOINT USED: a frigging day, i swear she's a god aight have a fantabulous day bei