Brock Poling shows Dan Erlewine his method for ensuring that his custom rosewood acoustic guitar rosette inlay fits perfectly in the soundboard channel. Brock makes circular cuts using a Dremel and StewMac's Soundhole and Rosette Routing Jig on twin workboards to ensure identical cuts and a precision fit. Soundhole and Rosette Routing Jig StewMac Plunge Router Base Dremel 100 Single-Speed Rotary Tool Sitka Soundboard Violin Purfling Set 3/64" Carbine Downcut Inlay Router Bit 1/8" Carbine Upcut Inlay Router Bit Rounded Edge Guitar Repair Palette Knife Double-stick Tape - - - - - - - - - - - - StewMac has everything you need to set up, repair or build guitars. Everything is 100% guaranteed. Fast worldwide shipping. Shop StewMac: Facebook: Instagram: @StewMac_Guitar