Sorry guys! Mimosa Films submitted a copyright claim and the 1st Funny People movie has been removed from my account. None of my videos are monetised because I believe laughter from such a timeless classic should be free for everyone to enjoy. A shoutout goes to all of the South Africans living across the world. HISTORY: This is the full South African hidden prank movie FUNNY PEOPLE TOO, originally made in 1982. After falling into oblivion and virtually unknown on DVD around the world - I have managed to grab myself HD copies of this classic (and many others)! I have uploaded the full movie to Youtube in good quality for many people across the world to see. Contrary to popular belief, ordinary South Africans living during the Apartheid era had tolerance for each other and treated each other with respect. You see both black and white people on the street, in shops, etc. In some scenes you even see a black man and a white woman - who has just eaten 'dog meat' laughing in empathy together. From the original, The Gods Must be Crazy I and II, director Jamie Uls finds out how real people respond when presented with outrageous scenarios in this Candid Camera-style comedy. Rated as the most classical and one of the funniest movies to ever come out of South Africa.